Daydream Bee-liever: The Making of Buzzy Bee – Part 3

Yes, I’m back – have you missed me? Hard to believe it’s been four weeks since the last instalment and I’m sure you’re jonesing for more. No? Well, tough – it’s coming atchya like Cleopatra anyways.

The lack of an update is simply because I’ve barely had any free time due to work and family commitments – and if I ain’t got time to post, you can bet I ain’t got time to code.

Going into the development of Buzzy Bee I always knew finding time to work on it would be an issue and, sure enough, it has been. It’s been eight months since I started work on the game and only now is it approaching completion. However, in real terms I’ve probably only spent about three or four working weeks on it; it’s taken so long as I’ve had to piece the game together slowly in dribs and drabs – an hour grabbed here, a couple of hours sneaked in there.

It’s been quite painful at times, especially when I’ve had a cool idea for a new feature or a solution to an issue that’s been bugging me but been unable to do anything about it for a week or more because I couldn’t free up some keyboard time. You end up with the ideas swilling around in your head, nagging you to do something with them, but you can’t. Frustrating.

I’m glad I had the presence of mind at the start to log the features added or changed in each game iteration – sometimes it’s been weeks between coding sessions, and it’s been invaluable being able to check the log and get a quick refresher of the last few things I did. If you’re not already doing similar then I urge you to start – especially if your coding sessions are as sporadic as mine.

That’s it for now – I’ll be back soon (promise) with some more insight into Buzzy Bee’s development. TTFN!

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