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Freelance // March 2015 – Present

So what am I working on currently, you’re probably asking (and if you’re not then that’s very rude – it’s not all about you, you know). Well, I have three – yes, THREE, count ’em – projects on the go right now, and they’re all very exciting. Unfortunately, they’re all under NDA so I can’t say much. However, to give you an inkling as to their content…

Project 1 – This is a Virtual Reality game based on a phenomenally-popular science fiction movie franchise, that employs some unique hardware to control the action. It’s going to be very cool, and very popular!

Project 2 – This is a narrative-focussed edutainment product for one of the world’s biggest educational toy companies. It employs state-of-the-art new tech to enable the child to interact with the product like never before.

Project 3 – This is a suite of iOS and Android apps that link via BLE with a new product range from one of the UK’s most-loved toy companies, allowing unprecedented levels of control and interaction.

All three projects are massively exciting – hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more about them soon!

In the works