Flower Power (Web/Flash)

Mangahigh.com // February 2009 – August 2009

In Flower Power, your  task is to re-arrange numbered buds on a flower stem so that their decimal, fraction and/or percentage values range from smallest at the bottom to largest at the top. When a flower is fully grown you can either let it seed for more flowers or summon the gardener to harvest it for cash. Grow ‘perfect’ steams (i.e. with no misplaced buds) and you’re rewarded with ever more exotic flowers to care for (i.e. more valuable but with tougher buds to order).

The basic design for Flower Power was already defined when I joined Mangahigh, although I made several fixes here and there to streamline the gameplay. I was never particularly happy with the conflict between the dual goals of harvesting flowers for money or leaving them to seed (I felt it was too confusing for most players, and created weird scenarios where you could grow loads of flowers but end up with a score of zero cash) but there you go.

As with all of Mangahigh’s very earliest games, development was slow and problematic though not due to any fault of the developer, MP Game Studio, who did a terrific job. We were feeling our way, plus the platform infrastructure was constantly in flux which hampered things even further. Despite all that the game turned out well; it was and still is popular, especially among younger female players.

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Get seven flowers on the go at once and you really feel the tension!
Click on the prices to summon the gardener and harvest your crop.