HiveFall starring Austing Flowers (iOS & Android)

AMBI Entertainment // Jan 2015 – Aug 2016

Finally! After what feels like aeons in development, Hivefall is finally live. Although I’ve designed and produced dozens of games in my time, this is my first ever ‘solo’ game. Well, sort of; while the design and code are all my own work, you can thank Rob for the cool graphics and Paul Weir for the groovy tunes and SFX – and thank them you should, as my audio-visual skills are woefully limited. Together we are AMBI Entertainment – or AMBI.ent for short.

I’m not a total stranger to coding; like most 80s kids I learnt BASIC and later FORTH and FORTRAN, and I even dabbled in Z80, 6502 and 68000 assembler on my Speccy, C128 and Amiga 500 respectively. Even so, making a release-ready game for iOS and Android was a challenge but one made possible by GameMaker and its amazing community who helped me find my way through GM’s little, um ‘quirks’.

Although I started Hivefall over a year and a half ago, in reality it probably represents only a couple of months or so worth of work. The problem has been finding the time to do anything on it in between family and ‘proper’ work commitments – sometime there might be several weeks between iterations, and even then I might only be able to give it an hour or two. Thankfully I had the good sense to keep a log of development as I went along, which helped me track when problem features went in if a bug reared its ugly head.

But I’m proud to say that I got there in the end. I’m really pleased with the game – I think it looks, sounds and plays great but then I would, wouldn’t I? Why not try it yourself via the link below – it’s FREE, y’know!

Look out for more AMBI.ent releases soon – well, I say ‘soon’; more likely a couple of years or so! 😉

Get HiveFall here!

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Behold - Hivefall, starring Austing Flowers! I MADE THIS!
Grab the Super Nectar to turn the tables on the baddies!
Can you find the Easter Egg hidden on the main menu?
After each day you get a chance to catch your breath.