MAD4Games (Mobile)

HiScore TV // November 2005 – March 2007

In late 2005 HiScore TV partnered with budget game specialist Mastertronic to create MAD4Games, a mobile games retailer.

In similar fashion to the parent company, our remit was to find the best mobile games and offer them to customers at bargain prices. We were also determined to take the pain out of downloading mobile games – back in those days, the purchasing process was a confusing mess of endless texts and clicking downbload links that (unsurprisingly) put off most potential customers.

To this end, we created a special app that allowed customers to browse and buy content that had been cherry-picked for quality, read news and reviews (written by yours truly), access tips and walkthroughs, and much more. It was a pretty cool app, all modesty aside, especially given the limitations of the hardware. We also created the support website and CMS back-end, which was a huge project in and of itself.

We launched the app with a promotion in The Sun newspaper, giving it away along with a free Sudoku game to every reader. Initial response was good, but we soon realised the flaw in our plan: once customers got the app on their phone it did make the game buying process easier; however, they still had to jump through those irritating hoops to download the app in the first place…

It was somethingof a Catch-22 situation that we never really found a way to resolve – at least, not before Apple popped up with its own solution that essentially made ours redundant…