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Computec Media UK // February 2000 – November 2003

Soon after completing work on the launch issue of PSW, I moved onto a new project – PC Gameplay, a new PC gaming magazine that employed some of the editorial principles that had proved so successful in the German market, such as rigorous performance benchmarking.

Unfortunately, within a few weeks of starting work, I discovered that PC Gamer and PC Zone had every significant exclusive or major demo bagged, tagged and securely under lock and key.

Sure enough – and despite the heroic efforts of a superb team including the wonderful Jon Evans, the hilarious Will Sargent and Jon ‘Steak Bake!’ Todd – without those big exclusives PC Gameplay struggled right from launch, launching weakly and never really taking off, even after a relaunch and the absorption of Ziff-Davis’ PC Gaming World.

I think it rapidly became clear that my heart wasn’t totally in the game, so the reins were handed to the far more enthusiastic Jon Evans with me advising in a Managing Editor role. I was also given new tasks, such as launching the news and reviews website pcgameplay.co.uk and providing editoral input to the bi-weekly kids mag PlayZone.

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Eventually PC Gameplay was rebranded PCG and given a slick makeover.