Scalextric ARC (Mobile/Tablet)

Scalextric // April 2013 – May 2013

Scalextric App Race Control (ARC) is the latest in the company’s Digital product range and the first to take advantage of the power of mobile devices. In a nutshell, the ARC syncs via Bluetooth with an app on the user’s smart device (mobile/talent) and passes data back-and-forth.

On the simplest level this allows the app to moderate the race and display who’s currently in the lead, how many laps each driver has raced, best times for laps and so on. Post-race the user can share racing stats on Facebook and Twitter, or email them to friends.

However, in addition serious drivers can also access a huge range of options that allow them to implement things like fuel usage (with fully-fueled cars being slower due to the extra weight), tyre wear (with the risk of blow-outs if tyres are not changed), pit-stops, variable weather conditions, KERS and much more besides. Indeed, for the serious Scalextric afficionado its a boon, taking a lot of the hassle out of the setting up and moderating race meets.

Obviously, I handled the design of the app itself. The main challenge was ensuring that the interface was attractive and easy-to-use while handling a wide range of inputs and feedbacks, plus scaled elegantly according to the host device’s screen size. In short, the app is a bit like a swan – it may look serene on the surface, but there’s a hell of a lot going on below the surface.

Scalextric’s ARC range made quite a splash at the London 2016 Toy Fair, so much so that it led the BBC’s news coverage of the event – you can check it out via the link below.

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The Scalextric RCS app being demo’d at its debut at the London Toy Fair 2014.
The packshot of the first release, due Summer 2014. Future releases will come with wireless controllers and allow greater race customisation.