tagsmArt Connect (iOS/Android)

tagsmArt // August 2014 – March 2015

tagsmArt provides galleries, museums and art fairs with smart labeling technology to interest and engage visitors with artworks like never before using their smartphones. The system gives partner galleries, museums and events a powerful sales and promotion platform that allows their visitors to interact with, share and save artworks they love, while also generating invaluable visitor data to help them know what’s hot and what’s not.

In my role as Senior Product Designer I was responsible for the UI/UX design and system specification of the iOS and Android apps (tagsmArt Connect) and of the bespoke CMS system. I also defined the interaction rules of the apps with the BLE beacons and NFC tags.

It was a challenging process as beacon technology can be volatile, so you needed to do a lot of error trapping, but I’m extremely proud of the results – seeing contextual information appear on your phone that seems to ‘know’ where you are and what you’re doing can be quite a magical experience.

tagsmArt had its launch in partnership with Saatchi Gallery on Tuesday, 9th March 2015, at the opening of the Pangaea II exhibition, and is now expanding its reach to other galleries and museums around the world.

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How tagsmArt works – in just one picture! If only it were that easy in development terms…